Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello, Stranger! (Lots of photos...may take awhile to load)

Wow a lot has happened since my last post.  I feel awful that I’ve been away for so long.  I’ve missed my bloggy buddies.  But I’m realizing how quickly life moves once there is a little one taking up your time, and I am determined not to miss a single second of my little guy’s childhood…even if it means sacrificing some of my interests for awhile.  So I won’t promise that I am going to write more.  I will promise that I am going to try to do a little better.  I miss this.

I don’t have the slightest idea how to catch everyone up on everything that has happened since I last wrote.  So, given that they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I will post a bunch of pictures of Ian and hope that they tell some of the story.  I’m still madly in love with Ian.  People tell me “wait until [insert next step of development].  It is so much harder.”  So far, I’ve found those people to be wrong.  I feel like things just keep getting better and better.  Ian is taking his first little steps (on his own) now, and he is a little parrot…trying to mimic everything we say (and failing miserably for any word that doesn’t start with a B and D or an M).  He plays funny little games and is CONSTANTLY smiling.  But I will say, for all the joy and happiness I feel during my waking hours, there are still some nights when infertility haunts me.  Sometimes I wake up and “forget” for a second that we have a baby…feeling like we are still back to trying without success to get pregnant.  I assume feeling must be from bad dreams just carrying over into my first waking seconds, but I wonder why I am having those dreams in the first place.  I wonder if I will have them forever… if they are some kind of a scar left over from years of trials.  I feel guilty for having those moments.  I feel more guilty that I want to forget about infertility, put it in a box, and store it away forever…never thinking about that pain again. 
But enough of the Debbie Downer stuff.  On to the photos. little genius is attempting to eat grass in this photo.  lol.

Pugs and Kisses
Bright-eyed boy
First Halloween...a golfer like his daddy.
We love our football

First walking practice session
Hello, Ladies.

This was taken right before that basket exploded into pieces.  I told the photographer he wouldn't fit.  Luckily no one got hurt.

Swimming is still his favorite activity.

Where did the year go?