Friday, April 29, 2011


Tuesday's Throne

This morning was the longest morning of my life…or at least as much of my life as I can remember.  I waited and waited and waited and waited for the donor coordinator to call me with the status update- how many eggs were collected from the 15-18 follicles, how many fertilized, etc.  She had said that she would call this morning with that update and I anticipated that she meant late morning.  But then, morning passed and the call never came.

So at , I decided to call her.  Her voicemail message said that she had gone home for the day and would be returning messages on Monday afternoon.  Seriously?!?  When my transfer would either be Monday or Tuesday!  So, I called the fertility center’s main line and spoke to the office operator and then a nurse who was able to find my chart.  This is how the conversation went:

Nurse: Okay…so your transfer has been scheduled already for on Tuesday.

Me:     Okay…but do you have the numbers of eggs and how many fertilized?  I didn’t get any update today at all.

Nurse: Really?  Oh.  Sorry about that.  Let me see here….16 eggs, 14 were injected with your husband’s sperm and 12 fertilized.  So you have 12 embryos to work with for now and we’ll do the Day 5 transfer on Tuesday.

Me:     No.  I think that is the total number you are reading.  We did a split   cycle…sharing the eggs…and the donor only had 15 follicles, so that can’t be our numbers.  OH MY GOD!  Please tell me they didn’t accidentally fertilize ALL of the eggs with my husband’s sperm and forget to split them.

Nurse: One second…nope.  That is the split numbers.  Your donor did really well…over 30 eggs.

Me:     Are you really sure you have the right chart?

Nurse: Positive.  You have 12 so far…congratulations.  We’ll see you on Tuesday.

HOLY CRAP!!!  I am so excited and so scared that the phone is going to ring, telling me it was a mistake.  I guess the coordinator’s comment that “they don’t always count the follicles carefully during the scans” was a bit of an understatement.  (By the way…today pushed me over the edge.  Lots of you have recommended that I say something about the coordinator after this cycle is over and I really didn’t want to…but enough is enough.  Not calling me today, even though she looked at my chart long enough to schedule my transfer, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  But I’m setting my irritation aside for now so that I can just be ecstatic.)

I know that a lot can happen between now and Tuesday, but I have so much confidence that Tuesday…whether it results in a pregnancy or not…is not going to be a disappointing day in our journey…and that was something I was genuinely concerned about over the last week.  Instead, things went better than I ever could have expected…even with the donor’s usual response.  As Ants would say “I’m over the moon!” 

Thank you so much for all of your support, prayers, thoughts and good vibes.  I’ll check back in soon.  Right now, I have to go massage my face because I’m not used to smiling this big for this long, and it hurts. ( really I'm going to do a happy dance in the bathroom, but my face really does hurt).    


Endo_Life said...

Wow 12 is a great number after all you have been told! I am still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I am away for the week and won't have internet access but I will catch up as soon as I can on Friday evening. This is so exciting keep smiling xxx

infertilenanny said...

Yay for eggs! 12 is and awesome number and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

New Year Mum said...

Fantastic result :)) WOW - you must certainly be over the moon :) I'm so happy for you... you are so likely to get good quality ones to transfer and plenty of frosties :)) Rest up over the w/end for your big day... you'll be meeting your little ones soon - YAY !!! Love always xoxo

One Cycle at a Time said...

OMG!! That's so exciting!!! Those are great numbers to work with. I really really hope this is the one for you!! :-)

Lindsey said...

OH my god! 12??!!! I'm so happy and excited for you!! I can't wait for this to turn in to a success after IF bog!! Keep us posted as you get more news. Also feel free to pass along your donor coord name and address so I can bitch slap her.

Ludicrous Mama said...

That's so fantastic! I only had 6 follicles, 3 of which were apparently really cysts. :[
12 embryos is just too fantastic to contemplate!
I'm sorry about your shitty clinic though. I switched for my second IVF for similar reasons. They made me feel like a product, instead of a person in one of the most emotional, personal, roller-coaster-ride situations ever. And they kept losing track of little things. Like figuring out that I would run out of meds Friday night, since I wasn't responding as expected, so they never lowered my dose. When my ER wasn't scheduled until Tuesday! I sat there with a bunch of mostly-empty vials doing the math to figure out that I could probably squeak out a Saturday morning dose, if I used the last dribs and drabs in each vial, with a separate needle poke each. Joy. And then they took 3 hours to call me back (after I'd spent all night frantically calling around to see if any local pharmacy had any in stock) just to tell me no problem, they have extra meds in the office. Thanks for telling me earlier. And that was just the worst, most stressful, least professional omission.

Christina said...

12 is fantastic! When I 1st read that I thought that the other couple had a cycle problem and all the eggs became yours! Looks like things improved quite a bit those last few days!

Come on Tuesday!!

China Doll said...

OMG! Wonderful news... 12!! Brilliant!! Shame that your coordinator is still being such a nightmare though :(

But thinking happy, sticky thoughts for you for the transfer xx