Friday, April 15, 2011

The Prince is Charming

Lately, the fertility meds have been kicking my butt.  I haven’t had the horrible pain I was in a few weeks ago, but I am achy, tired, bloated, and nauseated all the time.  I wish I could say that I suffer through all of this in silence, showing the strength of my resolve…but that would be a lie.  I whine…a lot. 

Normally, my whining sends The Prince running to the grocery store, work or the gym…anywhere but around me.  At best, I turn into the teacher on Charlie Brown and all he hears is “Wha Wha Wha Wha Wha Wha.”  But lately, he has been great. 

Yesterday, I sent him an email from work, complaining that I was so sick and so tired, that I just wanted the cycle to be over.  I expected the obligatory “Sorry” reply email, or no response at all.  But instead, The Prince immediately shot back an email saying “I’m so sorry that you feel so sick.  It won’t be much longer now and it will be worth it when it is all over.  I love you.”  That little bit of effort on his part made all of the difference to me.  Instead of being grumpy all morning, every time I felt really sick again, I would think of The Prince’s words and feel happy (and sick…but mostly happy).

I was also pleased that when I told The Prince about coming out on Facebook, and his mother’s and family’s responses, he didn’t get mad.  Instead he made a joke about how he’s sure that I am hoping that his mother’s supportiveness will rub off on him…and it is always good to hope.

It is very easy for me to get irritated with The Prince…and I do, a lot.  So I really wanted to put in writing today how much I appreciate his efforts this cycle.  I might need to look back at it during my hormonal rages and freak out sessions, to remind me how lucky I am.  But I am lucky, I have a good husband.  He’s going to be a great father to our child/children, and I have hope that he is going to be a great husband, too…he certainly has the potential. 


aliciamarie911 said...

Isn't it wonderful when the husbands start to try and understand or try a little harder to make you feel better!?!? I know I love when my husband shows me a little extra care when I'm really down. I'm glad things with your husband have been better lately!

New Year Mum said...

Great that your husband is so supportive... I find that even a few simple words can make such a difference - love what he wrote to you. Hope you're feeling better and wishing for you every day of this cycle xoxo

Sandy said...

That's very sweet. I think it's easy for our husbands to forget what we are going through. The fertlity meds are kicking my butt too. It's hard for me to get motivated to do anything today!

Endo_Life said...

I am glad your husband said the right thing when you needed it. Hope the meds are taking it easy on you x