Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not So Quick Post-Transfer Update

Well, the transfer is over and now the two week wait begins.  Things are very different at the offices up here than they are where I usually go.  It is the same fertility center, but a different branch and I like my branch sooooooo much better.  People are not quite as friendly and the attention is not as personal up here, but it doesn’t matter…so long as I get pregnant.

I started out with pre-transfer acupuncture, and slept like a baby through the whole thing (always a good sign).  The acupuncturist was awesome, although The Prince was quite convinced that the man smokes copious amounts of pot.  If not, he is just the most mellow man in the world.  I don’t care either way…he was great. 

Then it was on to transfer.  They weren’t concerned about The Prince’s eye, as he was up by my head and was in his usual scrubs, hair net, goggles outfit.  The doctor came in and said that we had 12 amazing blasts, the most beautiful batch he had ever seen.  Seriously!!!  All 12 of the fertilized eggs made it to 5 day blastocytes.  Go donor and go super swimmers.  The picture above is the picture of our little litter.

After showing us the picture, the doctor asked if we wanted to put only 10 or all 12 back in and then laughed.  He agreed with our assessment that two was the best number for us.  He left for awhile, came back in with a nurse and a resident (who observed only) and asked me to skootch down on the table.  Here’s where it started to suck…without any warning he put a cold speculum in, scraping the top of ..well…you know…as he went.  My doctor at home warms the speculum, lubes everything up really well, gives you lots of warning, asks if the pressure is okay, and apologizes the whole way through.  This doctor…not such a romancer.  I yelped and he said “Did that hurt?  Okay, I want you to close your eyes and say ‘I am relaxed, this is easy.’”  I was trying to breath through the pain, but he kept insisting that I “say the mantra,” so I said it to appease him.  I wanted to say “Let me stick that speculum somewhere on you while you say ‘I am relaxed and this is easy,’” but I refrained.

Then, the doctor said “I’ll be right back” and actually left the room with me laying there with the speculum in.  That was new experience for me…and not a pleasant one I must say.  A minute went by, then 5…I was ready to send The Prince out to see what was going on when the crew came back in with our embies in the catheter.  I deep breathed, as instructed, during the actual transfer…and then the best part….

The doctor (who is a bit of a hippy if I haven’t mentioned that before…seriously…like he’s a guru and doctor) took my hand and The Prince’s hands and asked us to form a “hand circle” for “the most important part of the whole process.”  The doctor then asked us to close our eyes (like we were saying Grace) and he said “I want you to see these two most beautiful, amazing, awesome embryos settling into your uterus, as your uterus holds and squeezes them…filling them with love.  Now I want you to picture them growing into babies and you holding those babies in your arms on the day they are born.  If you believe, you can manifest anything.  Believe in these babies.  Say it with me, ‘I believe’….”

At that point, The Prince, a devout atheist and hater of all things hokey, was squeezing my hand so hard, I thought it was going to break off.  I finally conceded and chanted “I believe” with the guru…uh hm…doctor, and he left the room, instructing us to continue manifesting our desired outcome over the next couple of weeks.  It was sweet, really, but hilarious, too.  I started laughing as soon as the door shut behind the doctor, even though I was trying not to because I didn’t want to push out the embryos.  The Prince said I owe him big time because he refrained from laughing while the guy was in there…and he let the doctor hold his hand.  (On a strange side note, The Prince then told me that the doctor must work out because he has the hand muscles that only people who lift heavy weights get…strange how much attention he was paying to that doctor’s hand…but whatever).  I stayed on the table for half an hour, not sure what we were waiting for (manifesting time, maybe?) because no one was big on giving us much information while we were there. 

Finally, a nurse came in and gave us a picture of the two embryos we put in…the best of the best!  (See below)

I went back for another session of acupuncture, and fell asleep so hard, that the acupuncturist had my husband come in to wake me up.  When I awoke and The Prince explained what had happened.  I said, “Well go get the guy so he can take the needles out of me.”  The Prince explained that the poor guy already had removed all the needles and had gently shaken me…but then literally couldn’t wake me up.  And I hadn’t even taken a Valuum this time, as they forgot to give me one before the procedure.  The Prince apparently gave me a light punch in the arm, which did the trick.  Nice.

I’m back at the hotel now.  The Prince is gone and I am on my own for the next couple of days.  I’ve already sampled the room service and I really lucked out in picking this hotel…the room service was delicious!  I think I’m going to sleep now and dream happy dreams of two little babies growing in my belly.  I’ll write more tomorrow.  Have a Happy Hamish Day, everyone. 


S said...

Wow, 12 blasts?! That is awesome!!

I literally LOL'd at the "hand circle" part of this post. OMG, I don't know what my husband would/will do if that happens at our ET. (He is an agnostic who shuns all things spiritual.)

Glad to hear you are relaxing. Happy Hamish Day to you, too! :-)

Lindsey said...

Oh my with the hand holding, I'm laughing so hard right now! Did you see the movie Baby Mama, where the boss awards them with uninterupted eye contact?.... so so funny. Anyway, happy Hamish day again! I'm so glad everything went so well and loved seeing the pic of your "litter"! (P.S. my word verification right now to post this is PREGMAN, that is so close to pregnant... I think this might be a sign from the guru's god/gods!)

Christina said...

Wow! 12 fertilized, 12 blasts, how utterly fantastic!

I hope your valedictorians do their jobs and stick around in there! Maybe Dr Hippy has a spiritual connection to the embryos and can communicate with them?

You seem to be so relaxed at this point about everything going on, I'm really pulling for you and hope you get your gift(s) in 10-14d!

My New Normal said...

Does it make me really sappy that I love the hand circle part? I believe!!!

Good luck!

Kristen said...

Wonderful that you got so many blasts and that two are safe and sound inside you now. Good luck with the 2ww! Fingers crossed for you...

China Doll said...

Oh, what an amazing post!! Fantastic that you got 12 blasts.. wonderful news :) I was totally empathising with you on the cold speculum, no lube part because that's how they roll at my clinic. But then I got to the hand-holding and chanting part.. definitely not something I've experienced here... hilarious! Wait till I tell my bloke what he missed out on, he would've flipped!
Here's to a relaxing and productive wait xxx

Anonymous said...

12 blasts!!! That is AMAZING!!! Enjoy the room service and rest up picturing your babes growing :)

Ants said...

It's all sounding great-so excited for you!The blasts are all beautiful! I love the transfer story with the holding hands-especially your Prince doing that for you-I know my DH would have been a bit funny about it too!
And so good that you fell asleep afterwards-sounds like you were in a wonderfully relaxed state! xo

New Year Mum said...

Fantastic... 12 little Hamish's is a wonderful result :)) What an hilarious moment with your doc (not the speculum bit though)... must be prescribing to the research that a good laugh after the transfer helps its success :)) Gorgeous photo of them and sending you lots and lots of sticky vibes. Hope you're resting well and pampering yourself and your little bubs xoxo